"The measure of life is not its duration but its donation."

Those words spoken by former U.S. Senate chaplain Peter Marshall. His message inspires all of us! I'm told the orginal quote is from a Dutch Evangalist.

In 2002 I walked from Boca Raton to Miami to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment. This photo was taken during the closing ceremonies. My expression says it all, it was a wonderful and inspirational experience.

Unfortunately, there's still work to be done, so I'm walking again this year in Tampa!

Please let your donation make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!

The Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day is a 60-mile walk over the course of three days.

As we near the dates of our walk, I'll send you more information about the Tampa route. If you have a chance to see a 3 Day Walk, you will come away inspired by the determination so many people share to fund a cure.

But you can help right now. It's easy to make a contribution right here on line. Net proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust, funding important breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment.

To make a donation, just click on the word DONATE on the left side of this page.

Until we find a cure, early detection is our best hope of beating this disease.

While most of us can afford to have our annual mammogram, many women can not. The money we raise will support the Komen Foundation's funding for screening clinics.

Please donate what you can. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

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